As Winnipeg's premier Martial Arts program, our mission is to impact people's lives with the positive benefits of Karate

We teach the traditional values of Martial Arts to all ages: Discipline, Honour, Respect for self and others, loyalty, perseverance and family. Our goal is to teach the skills needed for self-defense, as well as create success in life through the practice of Martial Arts.

Our Programs

We have some new programs for 2014:

MetaFit: for those that love the physical fitness benefits of karate , we offer a ‘fitness’ only component to the traditional karate class.

TC (Tactics and Conditioning):  a 75 minute class with a rotating schedule of kata and kumite tactics, Kobudo (weapons training), and Bunkai.

BKC Warriors Leadership: will prepare your child for future leadership endeavors in the community.

Welcome Winnipeg

“Bushido-Kai” (Way of the Warrior) is headed by Chief Instructor Kenwa Mabuni (b. 1887) as part of the “All Japan Shito-Ryu Seiko-Kai Association” under “Soke Seiko Suzuki“.

“Shito-Ryu Karate Do” originated from the Japanese island of Okinawa (Ryu Kyu). Our intent is to pass on the noble traditions of this ancient martial art.

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